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Your Strategic Partner To Turn Your Cannabis Dispensary Profitable

Buying - Sourcing & Procurement for Cannabis Dispensaries

We will take over you cannabis buying process and work with the team onsite to manage and source cannabis inventory through our strong farm relationships.  We will work to identify what's selling at your cannabis dispensary, what is not selling and what you are missing to identity a larger customer base for your cannabis dispensary. 

Marketing - Strategies & Execution for Cannabis Dispensaries

We will strategize and suggest a daily discount sales program, build a loyal customer base to drive more sales for your cannabis dispensary.  We will capitalize on Social Media, Google, Yelp and Other Platforms.  Implement SMS and MMS Texting Strategies for effective customer outreach to boost sales.

Operations - Streamline & Training for Cannabis Dispensaries

Operating a Dispensary can be overwhelming, we will train you team on  best selling techniques, stream processes and procedures to be a successful cannabis dispensary.  We additionally focus on security measures and loss prevention practices.  We can take an active or minimal role in your business but there are always opportunities to improve your dispensary operations.

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